Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Well last night settles that. Donald Trump has no Presidential fiber

I was never a Trump fan but he insulted me and my country last night by NOT preparing for his first debate with Hillary Clinton. I loved seeing, after the debate was finished,  Hillary and Bill going to the television audience and shaking hands...going to the people.
What planet is Trump on that he didnt know to shake hands with the people.
It will be hard to sway his followers who champion blustery, bullyism and bullshit.
Let us pray.
My daughter refused to watch the debate last night saying it was a circus. It is not a circus. Travis, the young man serving me breakfast at my breakfast place didnt watch the debate. The blue haired woman did watch it and couldnt sleep, as neither could I.
Please dont think one can prevent a Trump without working on preventing his election.

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