Thursday, October 20, 2016

Death on the highway took Abril and her daughter, Louisa, leaving Maggie to sort the mess

I am so sorry

Abril and her young daughter, Louisa, were crushed yesterday morning along interstate 10. Crushed instantanteously by a eighteen wheeler, it was the only way they were going to keep Avril down. She was a dynamite mother and a pistol of an aspiring image maker. Her smile surrounds me and I wish they were still here. Louisa filled any room as she bounced out and back in, looking for and getting affirmation from her mom. And when the three of them (Maggie Thrice, Avril, and Louisa) were together, getting love from her gentle dad. I will have to spend years alone (without Louisa and Avril) reaching out to Maggie, hoping that he ok.

There is nothing but life…living, experiencing, feeling. Everything else is death and unknowable.

Louisa on the qarm of her father, Maggie

the family

Maggie, Louisa and Abril.

I have a friend that survived Cyrstal Noc in Frankfurt, Germany and lost friends and relatives in the concentration camps but didn't lose her faith till her grown daughter was killed on the highway outside San Francisco. I have lost too many-one off a cliff approaching Lake Tahoe, falling asleep on a curve exiting to Palm Springs, on a highway along the Mexican border, on a roadway in Marin

sudden loss

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