Sunday, October 30, 2016

I always pretended I was Diego Riviera and Melanie King with Freda Kohler

I have friends that are thinking of doing a full length documentary on me and my work with a working title "Eric Kroll...a prick with a vision" which is a quote by Alan McDowell from an article he did on me for Hustler many years ago.
The segment I hoped they would do on my ten plus year relationship with Melanie I felt should just be the photos she made of me, she made of others while we were together and my photos of Melanie.
Though we fought almost the entire time in Alamos, Sonora Mexico I felt we added great material to this concept.

me in a tequila bar in Alamos by Melanie King

Melanie celebrates by 70th birthday while riding side saddle in the plaza. Alamos, Sonora

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