Monday, November 14, 2016

All Burned Up

I left Larn and his many black cases of camera equipment on the lip of a Shell gas station off interstate 10 in Phoenix. Nadine was coming to pick him up only hours into our planned week long road trip. We couldnt get along.
I kept driving towards Flagstaff to meet Sherri Stein as planned at the Goulding Trading Post tomorrow. Just short of the exit to Sedona I came upon a truck in flames. I pulled past it and parked. The driver asked me to call the police and they already knew. I asked him what was in his burning truck and he said "potatoes". But I knew it was the film the three of us hoped to make.
C'est la vie.

I should have known things weren't right when i took my car up rt. 79 towards Florence and Larn kept staring at his phone saying "it keeps saying `turn around'".  After a bit he asked if we were on a `road trip'. It gave me the subtitle to our failed attempt "Eric Kroll a prick with a vision".  the journey is the destination

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Everybody from then till now

photos of people.


Veronica leaves withher gourd

day of the dead

Robin before the election results

Larn Poland, my filmmaker friend

same woman out of the shadow


me and Steve Romainello and Robert Campbell watch the world series

Sarah wearing bl and red pantyhose and blocking the world series

Chris Rush below one of his fine paintings

mother/daughter day of the dead


Navohoa concessionaire at the bus station

shrimp with garlic from the Rayna cafe. Alamos, Sonora

Dante's first day at work

gourds put a smile on my face

a valentine to Tucson