Monday, November 14, 2016

All Burned Up

I left Larn and his many black cases of camera equipment on the lip of a Shell gas station off interstate 10 in Phoenix. Nadine was coming to pick him up only hours into our planned week long road trip. We couldnt get along.
I kept driving towards Flagstaff to meet Sherri Stein as planned at the Goulding Trading Post tomorrow. Just short of the exit to Sedona I came upon a truck in flames. I pulled past it and parked. The driver asked me to call the police and they already knew. I asked him what was in his burning truck and he said "potatoes". But I knew it was the film the three of us hoped to make.
C'est la vie.

I should have known things weren't right when i took my car up rt. 79 towards Florence and Larn kept staring at his phone saying "it keeps saying `turn around'".  After a bit he asked if we were on a `road trip'. It gave me the subtitle to our failed attempt "Eric Kroll a prick with a vision".  the journey is the destination

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