Saturday, December 3, 2016

I met Sherry, my girlfriend at the University of Colorado in 1966, two weeks ago in Monument Valley

but first some shots I made of Sherry through the decades

This is a shot Sherry in the snowy foothills above the University of Colorado in 1967. In 1969 I opened with Sam Bruskin the One Loose Eye Gallery of Photography in Taos, N.M. I featured this photo in my first exhibition and the first day a man came in and said "I'd like to buy this photo. I'll come back Monday. Please have her facing the camera." Wow more than twenty years before photoshop!

Sherrry in Deer Isle, Maine 1968

Sherry rendevous NYC 1972

Sherry wearing a huipil (Guatamalan Indian native hand-woven blouse). 1972

in my loft on 29th st off Fifth Avenue in Manhattan 1976

Sherry in the arms of her nephew Scott circa 1989 E. Marion, Long Island

Sherry and I got an apartment at Gouldings Trading Post at the gateway to Monument Valley

Sherry and Eric a mere 50 years later

a mitten b4 dark

Sherry shoots from the hip

Sherry shoots at sunset. note the vehicles coming out of the Monumnet Valley 

same stylish woman I knew 5 decades ago.

the morning light illuminates Sherry's hats, my half boots with spurs, two yearbooks I bought in Flagstaff and "Western Nudes" a very rare book by Andre de Dienes of his nudes mixed with shots of Navahos including snake dancers

the winds didnt prevent me from shopping the wednesday Kayenta Indian market

I venture out

we cooked and ate like we didnt do when we lived together on Pine st off Broadway in Boulder, Colorado

the view from our apartment at Goulding towards Monument Valley

deep in the valley before we headed back

Sherry before heading home on the last cold morning

Sherry dressed for the cold drive home the last morning

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  1. The two B&W photos of her standing and sitting on the chair are masterful and quite beautiful. Glad you shared them since this is first time I've those shots.