Friday, December 23, 2016

Twas The Nightmare Before Trump

Life is funny. Dylan says the first will be last and the last will be first. i loved the human being that was Obama. Now the karmic balance brings a President that hires from Exxon. That couples with Putin.
Anyway, these are images I made this past week or so.

a sky island sandwich looking towards the Tucson mountains

Emily announces the Clif Taylor SnowBird concert at the Hotel Congress. He asked that she wear a tuxedo and I happened to have a grandfather's tux I bought at a gypsy swapmeet in Aix En Provence in southern France. Note Mr. Hankey's South Park Christmas poop around her neck.

how many times have I seen Clif Taylor on his knees tuning up. many

Clif sits in with Rock Roll and Remember. he from Nantes, France. she from Tucson. they played some of the best music I have heard in the last ten years. hooray!

President Terry Etherton and director Hannah organzing my collection of photographer Rose Redfield photographs for Etherton Gallery

Marian Marcus and her daughter Gail Marcus Orlen at the Arizona Inn (a place we go regularly)

Gail and I have been rubbing noses for some time now. Dont forget she has a show at Etherton Gallery in March of her fine paintings.

a corner of my living room sliced by sunlite

Hanaa trying on a Christmas dress. I met her last week at Sawyer's happening party.

Hanaa in profile

Hanaa when she arrived and before she was `krollenized' (a term coined to describe sun proofing some of my father's fabric-Boris Kroll Fabrics.

Hanaa accessorized

Emily being languid

Emily with mountain dew

Emily with a heart pinned to the butt ofher tuxedo

Amanda and I meet secretly for graduation present lunch at Gandhi's on Ft. Lowell

matching the clothes tot he food at WELCOME diner

me abnd Larn Poland at Old Peking on Speedway

miniture matadors I bought down on 5500 block of south 12 th avenue

my cabinet on the shelf above my ktichen sink

frightening how beautiful Emily can be

but same goes for my friend Bob Campbell checking the scores at WELCOME diner.


the entrance to where I live. maybe the saguaros will protect us
from ourselves

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