Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Used to Be Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. first dinner at Gail's then party at Darren and Gary's. That'/s changed. Now its Chrstmas/Hannakah and a party at Bonnie's

If you enlarge this enough one can see me stealing internet outside Sunrise Cafe on Christmas day. I have NO shame.

Marian and Gail and I share the first night of Hannakah.

Marian reads in Hebrew the words for the first night of Hannakah

Gail lights the first night's candle

Gail reads the english while her son, stuck on the wall, listens from LA

Gail serves homemade latkes

this year's first snow on the foothills below where I live

a big man I photographed at the fish market at 5500 south 12th avenue

the large succulent I decorate outside my house. The Home Association doesnt like when I decorate outside my house

Lucien (the son of Crystal and Naim) pretends to sketch Eva at Bonnie's Christmas dinner. 

the lovebirds back from Europe (Al and Hannah)


Al makes a point. Hannah listens

Naim pontificates while Crystal listens. he mentioned he was tired. last night he and Crystal missed going to bed because one of them put on a Prince album and they danced into the night. Peut etre Lucien had to put himself to bed.

Crystal at the dining table

ok ok I obsess on Crystal if I'm with camera and she is in profile

Thank God she found new sunglasses so she could meld back into the wall (I dont think so)

Steve Romaniello drives us to Maynards for breakfast

We then drove over to my dear friend and recently departed, Avril's house where her parents are staying during their period of grief. They sit below Steve's painting of Avril, his good friend.

Steve and Marta discuss

Marta listens while Daniel makes a point under Rembrandt light.


the boys play with their toys beneath a portrait of Avril.

from Sabino Canyon looking towards where I live in the foothills

nature's parking lot

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