Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Steve Romaniello , emperor and friend, celebrates his 70th birthday at the C.O.D. Ranch in Oracle

Saturday me and Bob Campbell drove up to C.O.D. ranchin time for cocktails on the veranda, then cheese and crackers by the fire and finally fabulous dinner cooked by the double "D's". The toasts. Then dessert./ It felt like  wedding and Steve was the bride. The next day I took a hike aka walk with Joann around the property then fab breakfast by the double "D's".
The highlites for me was meeting Malcolm, the notorious owner of COD ranch, beautiful Leah (not my daughter) that I had met but hardly knew, seeing Seline from Rancho Linda Vista, seeing Joann in a barn dress yellow dress, Nora and more.

Joann and her daughter Alexi Smith

from a morning walk with Joann around the ranch

the rock and gem show around COD ranch

the next day breakfast with Malcom, Charlotte and Joann

Leah (not my daughter) daughter of Steve and enjoying a birthday also

There were those that were my age (70's) and those that were Leah's age (33)

father daughter spy team

Imo and others over cheese and quackers

the morning light at C.O.D ranch


Katherine and Bob during cheese and crackers

Andy Rush, Imo Baird and Tim Fuller

Charlotte toasts

Robin Hiller defends herself ...against herself

Robin toasts

Robin puts me and her husband out of focus (in perspective)

Bob Campbell in his `love' tie speaks, Jim Reed listens

Romaniello takes no prisoners

Leah has SO much personality in her face I think of her as a movie star like Claudette Cardinale

Rory clears his throat to tell the tale of San Francisco bay, him and Romaniello in a kayak and their near death experience

Steve embellishes

and more embellishmentout hop

Leah birthday coming the next day, toasts her dad (I was envious)

Nora begins her remarks about H O P E

Karen and Steve long time partners

Tim Fuller toasts his good friend Steve

growing up together and toasting Steve

Charlotte, Margo, Katherine

not a prayer but a thoughtful moment, connected loosely to the horror of Trump, closed borders and thoughtless behavior by our President.

When I was a junior at Scarborough high School north of Ossining, New York, the small private school decided we should recite the Lord's Prayer at lunch time. I was choosen to recite but refused, The angry math teacher raced over to me screaming that I must learn the prayer. I told him I knew the prayer but I was refusing to say it in my secular school. Civil disobedience at a young age (1962). I remember poet Alan Ginsberg carrying symbolic sacks of dirt at the 1972 Democratic Convention, Russell Means of A.I.M. joining the drum in Washington D.C. , Shirley Chisholm, NY state congressional member, retiring in 1983 after a lifetime of fighting the good fight.

There is no such thing as peace in the world today.

We must all fight the good fight for human dignity, integrity, and honesty.

I miss Obama


Steve opening his presents as emperor (Brother Chuck to far right)

a worthy mesquite on the C.O.D ranch

kind, big Mr. D prepares the ribs

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