Friday, March 31, 2017

The Prom

It's been a difficult couple of weeks. My dear friend George Pitts died in NYC. He was photo editor at Vibe and Life magazine and taught at the New School for Social Research.

me and George with our muse, Melanie King, between us at a party I threw at Spain on west 13th st in Manhattan a few years back

Howard (the duck) from the Home associaion threatened to handcuff me if I used the community pool in my gated community. I owed the association money it turned out. I paid them in full in two days  thanks to my friend Eric before they began foreclosure proceedings.

me at work in my outside kitchen eating area after a flood destroyed several valuable photo books

the mesquite tree is gone but I'm NOT

I'm a collector and fun for me is driving around to my"spots" on a weekly (daily) basis. One of the places I go is the first Sunday of the month Tanque Verde antique fair on east Tanque Verde. Last month I bought a small yellow Texas photo album packet from a photo shop dated 1957! It was prom nite!

wow. right!!!!

this is the same year I went to the prom with local girl (not from my private school) Judy Flynn

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  1. Just wondering, who's the photographer whose book you're looking at in your outdoor kitchen area (with the low angle breast photos)?