Thursday, April 20, 2017

breakfast in Bliss, Idaho at the Ox Bow diner

I misspent my travelling allowance on women's one piece bathing suits in eastern Oregon so sleep fitfully in the passenger seat of my rental at a rest stop along interstate 84. There's a Sinclair dino outside my window and I hope to photo it with film! My Leica digital is asleep till I find the battery charger which I probably left on the road at one of my friend's houses.
I visited the Pauite reservation in the east end of Burns and I passed through the Shoshone reservation last nite. These are names that run wild in my imagination.
One of the reasons I went to LA was to attend my close friend Whitney Ward's husband's (Joe Coleman) opening at Fullerton college gallery. Its always great to see her and him but I also get to see her costuming. I drove out with my friend photographer Durmel DeLeon, Veronica Fernandez, beauty and art dealer, and Jeffery Deitch, art mover extrordinaire.
The next day at the Museum of Death, Whitney and Joe unveiled the twin coffins they had made in Ghana.

with their matching Ghana coffins at the Death Museum

always a pleasure to see again the fine work of Autumn's Dark Garden corsetry. 

after the opening in Fullerton there was an after party at a local Middle Eastern restaurant. Here Veronica orders.

Jeffery orders Middle Eastern

some attendees att the Death Museum

later in LA I revisited with old friends. 

Jon Scwartz at Cora's in Santa Monica

Jon and my breakfast at Cora's

Elia Katz at Swinger's, the first diner we have shared since the passing of his dad, Leon Katz.

I was to meet with Bill Margold, ex porn star and friend of Titus Moody, but he passed. By Bill.

When I got to Dave and Ori's west Hollywood home Ori had been at photographer Ed Fox's 50th birthday. I wanted to be invited but Ed wouldnt let me come with my art friends. Was it because he had carelessly photographed my then 16 year old daughter, Leah's feet. Was it because he thought I wanted him to make lovde to my girlfriend also in Palm Springs many years ago or was it because he wanted to spend time photographing Melanie King whom he met at a LA Chinatown Naz opening and I didnt feel there was that much time for her and me so I nixed it.
Ori was feeling no pain and I declared either she got sober or I got as high as her. I asked Dave to shoot she and I pontificating.

succulents along Pico blvd almost to Santa Monica

after LA I went and stayed with Bob Adler and his wife and daughter. and felice! which encouraged me to resizee olf shots of her when we lived on Bush street in SF many years ago.

Felice checks her height on Bush st SF

entrance to my Bush st basement apartment in SF

I'm doing an art collaboration with Helmut Lang similar to what they did with Mapplethorpe, Louise Bourqoise and others. They asked to see outtakes from my first book "Sex Objects". I sent one hundred. I thought a 500 page book of the outtakes and paper ephemera would make a great TASCHEN collaboration. Here is a postcard from writer Gay Talese I got after I sent him a copy of the bk.

Benedikt didnt agree and turned it down without explanation (Kings of their kingdom don't need to explain a darn thing)

My friend Terry Trainwreck who I was introduced to by the writer Brian Smith. If you every have a chance see Trainwreck. Lore from the mouth says Trainwreck fed a hungry Al Foul living on the streets back in the 80's in the lower eastside of NYC. I guess stranger things have happened.

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