Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Out of the Darkness and into phone access

I left my friend Eric Datz and his family in Lincoln City and dove/drove into the heart of Oregon. Somehow i lost my Leica battery charger so had to switch to my film hasslebad camera. I pulled over on rt 20 as it was climbing into the mountains and fell asleep at the side of the road. A good sleep and when I woke I headed up. Suddenly snow on both sides of the road. I kept saying to myself "I didn't pay for this". Then the flashing light that said " put your chains on". What! But the snow never fell and the roads remained clear but the landscape was Alaskan and Mt. Washington and SNOW. Somehow I got out and ended uup in Bend for delicious Szchuan diner then onto to Burns, Oregon where the Pauite Indians are. But NO phone reception. That felt bad. Now I'm in Ontario, Oregon in a coffee house called Jolts & Juice and a young woman is spilling her life to another girlfriend as though I didnt exist. "He's putting pressure on me...We go to church together but.." and on and on.

"I only met his dad a couple of times"

After I shot Tatum she asked if she could bring her friends- a brother and sister into altering found thrift store pieces and selling them on ebay or esty. The sister, Ashley, had gone to FIT. I explained to Joey that i didnt shoot guys and I'd be concentrating on Ashley. After a short time I realized Ashley and Joey were also sisters and Joey was a transgender.

We kept shooting.

Ashley, Joey, Tatum on the way to my community pool

Joey in style

Tatum by the pool in gold

Ashley leading the team

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