Tuesday, May 30, 2017

From Tumblr to Vice

My good friend (and producer) Nadine Roselle was working with a crew from Vice.com in Aravaca, Az and they were going to be finished with their border doc in time to shoot something else while in Tucson. Nadine recommended me and two days later after Nadine's birthday they came to my house. In the meantime I had been in LA visiting my visiting French photographer friend , Robert Chouraqui and his nephew Yann in Joshua Tree, and going to galleries and slutwear shops along Hollywood blvd with my host photographer Dave Naz. Veronica Fernandez put a shot of me on instagram and my life (in LA) changed. Jeremy Danger
(JeremyDanger and his beautiful make-up artist)

saw it and asked me to be a victim in his vampire film

(note the chocolate on my tender cheeks)shot with my camera by Travis
. Breakfast on Veronica at Fred Segal's. Then before leaving back to Tucson I went to luch with my writer friend Elia Katz at Mandarin.
Most people are frightened of porn. I am not and I find tumblr to be a great source of porn and art.
 I found a shot of a woman wearing a chastity belt under her bikini. It wasnt until later that I learned it was a `doctored' photo of Lindsay Lohan.
. I wanted to do a similar photo and when Vice asked to come film me I thought of Tatum in a chastity belt with a bikini covering part of it. I caught 4 hours of fitful sleep at Motel 6 in Blythe.

then south to Tonopah for the hot baths. This is an abandoned building I have shot many of my favorite models like Katy and Melanie (separately)

and graffiti on one of the walls

then onto Gila Bend and breakfast burrito at Sofie's on the westside of town.

Two hours after I got back from a LA, Billy on camera and Chloe

 producing were at my house. then came Tatum. The shoot went excellent and she looked magnificent and secure in her chastity. I suggested they interview me with Tatum changing
(Tatum in velvet sequenced outfit from Love Lady on Hollwood)

a crazy see thru leotard from Lady Love.

Tatum returning to the set wearing new mesh leotard and heels

Tatum trying on various pokadot bikini bottoms from my collection

Tatum adjusts her chastity belt

outfits behind me. I opened a box of Kroll erotica and a box of Kroll artists and flipped through some while Tatum changed clothes behind me.

Fortunately, Billy had his tool kit

and he was able to length it and it fit her eventually on her waist. Chloe helped to get the lock to work.

Went over to the pool and made some more delicious shots. 

Tatum safely on her way to the community pool

Tatum checks out Fetish Girls

Tatum walks around the pool

Forever the bad boy, I had Tatum read the community pool rules

. After I had shot all I could think of I asked Billy if he had an idea and he suggested she go for a swim. brillilliant. Thanks Billy

postscript: to get your own chastity belt A! please go to freshfetish.net. They are not expensive but she will feel so much more secure.

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