Sunday, May 7, 2017

Whatever the f ck it is that I need, this isn't it

I have a few friends that watch television and some friends more that go to movies incessantly. When I find it (the internet) I go to tumblr. That's where my photo ideas come from. That's where I find humor and erotica. This wise cartoon came from

You hve no idea how many women I sent this to

I've written of the importance of my new friend Tatum. How she brought me Joey and her sister. She told me she was jello wrestling with Kayla to raise money for AIDS awareness so I volunteered to shoot the two ladies prior to the jello fight (off 4th avenue this past Saturday). They came to my house and we shot. I thought one woman hosing the other over her under clothes would raise money. It did. Over 5 hundred dollars!

Kayla and Tatum arm and arm

Kayla primes her hose

Tatum gets hosed

Tatum gets soaks. The role playing aspect of the hosing came from a time I was hosting two girl friends out in my house in East Marion Long Island. Christine was huge and beautiful and had been to Attica prison from defenetrating an intruder in the East Village of NYC and Vanessa, though a part time `dom' was consideably smaller than Christine. They were both wearing vintage girdles, hose and  heels and it became a garden hose fight and Christine ruled. with in short order the front of Vanessa was soaked and I could see her give in to the more powerful Christine. I won't forget that scene nor the one between Kayla and Tatum in my backyard.

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