Monday, July 17, 2017

The morning after LA

For the first time in two hot months in Tucson then Blythe ovenite I was able to open my window and feel cool air! I had to cut my trip in LA short to go find some family photos for a short documentary film VICE did produced by Chloe Campion. I've had mostly bad memories of Banning, CA the town below the mountain school Idywild where Leah, my daughter, went to high school for a few years.
Last nigth started no different staying at the quaint Stagecoach Inn at the extreme westside of Baning on Ramsey street. After paying too much ($80) I asked where the ice machine was and was told there was NO ice machine. How retarded is that!
This monring I noticed Consuelo's home style Mexican restaurant, parked and went in after awhile Til and Bobby Diligence, the rapper came in and I went over and asked to shoot her hair.

Then we talked and he told me he had gone to Berkeley to studio recording and music. Liked them both a lot. I hope I see them again...seeing how they revived my hope for mankind.

I had gone to LA to attend Victor Lightworship, Steve Diet Goedde and Dave Naz's photo opening at the Garboushian gallery in Beverly Hills which runs through August 11th. But stayed for the beautiful women.

The women behind the men...Susan Lightworship, Yee and Ori Small.

Jenna Cree proud MTF trans woman

Giselle Palmer, a Siegler model

Sarah, who asked to meet me.

I thought for a minute that I would be shooting these three beauties over the three days I was to be in LA but none of that happened. Instead I got to enjoy the TOLEDO show at the Petite Heritage in Hollywood. He and his show was beyond.

Toledo with singer and rapper behind him

Toledo singerdancer

a beauty in the small audience in the small room upstairs at the hotel

photo by Dave Naz

but the most important thing about my LA  visit was reuniting with Susan Smith, my friend and model from 29 years ago! We have stayed friends all these years but this was the first time we were together in a foreign city like LA and it was beautiful.  Her cool dog, Bella, isn't adjusting as ell to the 
move and I hope she is better today

Monday, July 10, 2017

From the Cockettes to raisinettes

When I moved permanently into my mother's house in Tucson I went to the community halloween party in my wealthy seemingly white only gated community. I was the only person in costume and hardly anyone spoke to me. That hasn't changed in 9 years.
Last week my new friend, Jocko Weyland,
David Sherman and Jocko Weyland

had a going away party at David and Rebecca's new Exploded View annex on Drachman and 4th avenue that has a pool. They showed the documentary on the SF crazy 60's group, The Cockettes, so, of course, I went in part drag. An homage. I was the only one in drag!
I hang out with artist/student Sadie Shaw and she helped me customize my Goodwill girl bathing suit top.
me and Sadie b4 going to the pool party

She brought a girlfriend, Erin, recently moved from Seattle.

I took as many shots of people as I could.

two women at the party

I set up a small studio with the available light and wanted a shot with Jocko and wanted us "kissing" and to my amazement he kissed me. Uhgg!

I've returned to the Saguaros baseball games. Great game. In the last three, they have one 3 times. One game they were behind 8 to zip in the 6th inning and WON! I see my friend cowboy (James) and we chat. Steve Romaniello and I went after a fabulous shrimp dinner he cooked (I provided the berry salad). We got there by 9 pm and saw three great innings! One game Sadie came late but brought her sexy legs.

A cow attends a Saguaros game

the raisonettes in the title refers to the fact my doctor Griffin confirms I'm diabetic so what i used to stuff my face with is... no more.