Monday, July 10, 2017

From the Cockettes to raisinettes

When I moved permanently into my mother's house in Tucson I went to the community halloween party in my wealthy seemingly white only gated community. I was the only person in costume and hardly anyone spoke to me. That hasn't changed in 9 years.
Last week my new friend, Jocko Weyland,
David Sherman and Jocko Weyland

had a going away party at David and Rebecca's new Exploded View annex on Drachman and 4th avenue that has a pool. They showed the documentary on the SF crazy 60's group, The Cockettes, so, of course, I went in part drag. An homage. I was the only one in drag!
I hang out with artist/student Sadie Shaw and she helped me customize my Goodwill girl bathing suit top.
me and Sadie b4 going to the pool party

She brought a girlfriend, Erin, recently moved from Seattle.

I took as many shots of people as I could.

two women at the party

I set up a small studio with the available light and wanted a shot with Jocko and wanted us "kissing" and to my amazement he kissed me. Uhgg!

I've returned to the Saguaros baseball games. Great game. In the last three, they have one 3 times. One game they were behind 8 to zip in the 6th inning and WON! I see my friend cowboy (James) and we chat. Steve Romaniello and I went after a fabulous shrimp dinner he cooked (I provided the berry salad). We got there by 9 pm and saw three great innings! One game Sadie came late but brought her sexy legs.

A cow attends a Saguaros game

the raisonettes in the title refers to the fact my doctor Griffin confirms I'm diabetic so what i used to stuff my face with is... no more.

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