Monday, August 28, 2017

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

I hate Mondays or how I went looking for buffalo bones and found myself

in thrift stores. I am cornering the market in women's bathing suits. Its hard to believe the crazy swim suits I find in small towns for no more than $3.50.
This past Tucson gem and mineral (and fossil) show I bought brown Buffalo bones that an amateur paleotologist had found. I asked the seller couple where they came from and I was told the Kaw river in the mud. I asked if I could accompany them next time they went down the Kaw (Kansas river) and they said "no". So I decided to go myself.
At first it seemed my friend Carmelo would come too and came out to Tucson from SF

me and Carmelo over food

 but his back acted up and he bowed out. My rental was packed with women's outfits

 in case Carmelo and I found models on modelmayhem in the middle of nowhere USA. I tried but never got a single response from model mayhem even though the daily Vice documentary was out this week ( and I am now on instagram and already have over 400 followers (Kroll.eric).
While preparing for the trip I realized I could take an Irving Klaw photo and shoot it over the Kaw river!!!! Purpose no. 2.

an Irving Klaw on the Kaw river

I made plans to stop in Santa Fe to visit with my many friends there and 4 of which had white hair.
me, Bob Richardson (the father of my son, Willie Bo and Bard college best buddy), Jerry Ginzburg, third husband of my Taos girlfriend Soozie McMeans, and Richard Lowenberg, my friend from Boulder in the late '60's.
I visited with my older brother Jeff north of Albuquerque, NM

me and my brother more than 70 years later

I tried to visit a friend in Boulder but the Colorado Springs rush hour traffic scared me off and I got onto small roads till  hit Limon, Colorado.

in the courtyard of my Burlington, Colorado motel

the Kit Carson Carosel in Burlington, Colorado

I never thought I'd like instagram but I do. I get to pontificate over my photos and I get to connect with other people. Kurt Vonnequt said that a suggestion to go somewhere made by a stranger is a dancing lesson from God and someone from instagram read how I was in Oakley, Kansas and I should drive over to Monument Rocks off highway 83...which I did.

I started hitting the mother lode once I got to Kansas. So far I have sent back ten good size boxes of swag I have found.

window in Nu-2-U thriftstore in eastern Colorado

Josie I met pumping gas in Colby, Kansas and I asked her what she did for a living and she said "I sell drugs". I asked her if she wanted to be photographed and she said she was late to get to Colorado. It wasnt for several hundred miles that i realized she sold legal pot in Colorado!

I found three spectacular stores in over 2,000 miles (mostly Kansas). One was in Colby, Kansas called the Colby Flea Market owned by Deb Johnson and her husband. everything in it was worth owning. "We sell memories". and the other was in downtown Russell, Kansas acros from the (old time) community run vintage Dream movie house. The Miscellany Antiques is owned by Neal who graduated from CU Boulder 4 years before I graduated in 1969. He claimed, and I think he's right, his store is the only store to sell vintage erotica and I bought!
Neal from Miscellany Antiques

the third store that tookk my heart was owned by Rocky and his dad called the Poehler Mercantile Antique Mall in Emporia, KS. 

Rocky and his dad from the Antique mall. His dad was the local high school sports coach and in the back of the mall is a sports museum with cool uniforms tacked to the wall and a gigantic cut out of Wilt the Stilt Chamberland with moveable parts to help backetball kids to shoot around tall opponents.

a bigger than life cut out of Wilt Chamberlain.

The reason I hate Mondays is museums are closed on mondays and invariably that's the day I need to get in. As I moved along the Kansas (Kaw) river I learned that it is the largest tributary of the Missiouri river and begins in Kansas City and merges with the Republican river in Junction City, Ks. During storms buffalo and prehistoric bones are apt to be found on the banks of the Kaw river but I had no canoe partner (Carmelo was back in LA). I began visiting the boat ramps along the Kaw river from Juncrtion City to Kansas City.

Stacy, owner of Stacy's open since 1969 in Junction City, Ks

Della worked in my hotel situated above Stacy's restaurant on a hill

my friend Jam Jam or Jamie who knows dinosaurs told me I had to see the Sternberg museum in Hays, Kansas so I did.
scared the sh...t out of me

To balance out my trip I stopped in Lawrence, Ks to have whole fish at a szcheun restaurant and to visit the house William S. Burroughs lived in for 13 years on Learnard st.

 In the meantime as I added more and more photos to my instagram site I saw a drawing by Kryztof Nemeth and we arranged to make a swap. He asked for my address and I happened to ask him where he lived. KANSAS CITY. He wasnt able to find me a canoe or canoe and rower but we did meet at his house and swap phoots I had brought with me for art he had made. I was very impressed by his erotica. I night after we spoke on the phone and the night before we met he did a fab drawing of Bettie Page which I now own!

I dont have pets like cats because when I lived on and off with Felice for 8 years she was allergic and I couldnt handle the hair in my negs. For some reason Kryztof's two cats loved my black case.

I stopped in Ford, Kansas and made myself dinner on the picnic table on highway 54 that ran thru town, then moved on to Dodge.

no this is not the upcoming preview of the total eclipse of the sun. It is the glory holes in a peep show in a strange adult bookstore off Interstate 70.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I met her in Mona's bakery at Swan and Ina rd and she was in weathered cowboy boots and a winning smile to go with her `Drew Barrymore' looks. We exchanged emails and that was the last I heard from her till I got an email from Costa Rico saying she was visiting aunt. I sugested she come work for me when she got back. But when she got back, I was in LA but weeks later she finally came to work.
She knows everything about cactus and succulents and would disappear for hours certain days to water cacti for someone else but she was great for me, because she had a model's figure and she was athletic so she could model for my camera my clothes while straightening my house mess.
Afterward, I could describe the piece and list it as part of my extensive clothing collection.

One of seven sisters, she's in the middle and raised in the desert outside Oracle with religious parents. None of that kept Micheale from being wild.
Ans she had no trouble lighting my fire.

in the rain wash of the Rillito river that closed the Tanque Verde loop to all but somersaults.

She was, at times, dangerous in her drunken tomboy ways, like doing cartwheels for my camera and the HOME ASSOCIATION!

but when she was good ...she was very good

my new home security

Micheale, cooking me breakfast, in my thriftstore buys.

Micheale going out the door

once I went to do something and was horrified to see her defiantly hanging from my garage door frame. That reminded me too much of a wild Jessica Freebird, lounging ten feet off the ground, covered in self inflicted
magic marker Obama slogans in 1988. BUT thus was 2017!

Micheale endangers my garage door frame.

I'm recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Micheale started preparing healthy lunches
for us, eaten in my backyard.

presently on am on my way to the Kaw river to look for buffalo bones and ...last nite
I had the waitress at City Limits restaurant in Colby take this photo of me.

I've been putting alot of my photos on instagram under my site (kroll.eric) and the shot below ("Felice walks her Portland dogs" 1998), they censored. Oh well. We live and create in scrubbed times.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I'm going to the Kaw River in Kansas to find dinosaur bones and buffalo bones

and to hold up an Irving Klaw photo in front of the Kaw river. Right this minute I'm dining at the Panederia Mexico II in Burlington, the last town in eastern Colorado state on Interstate 70.

The big news is Vice has done a video on me photographing Tatum at my house. Chloe produced it and she sent me a link to the short version. The big version will air 8/19 but if one follows this link below they will see me: .