Thursday, August 10, 2017


I met her in Mona's bakery at Swan and Ina rd and she was in weathered cowboy boots and a winning smile to go with her `Drew Barrymore' looks. We exchanged emails and that was the last I heard from her till I got an email from Costa Rico saying she was visiting aunt. I sugested she come work for me when she got back. But when she got back, I was in LA but weeks later she finally came to work.
She knows everything about cactus and succulents and would disappear for hours certain days to water cacti for someone else but she was great for me, because she had a model's figure and she was athletic so she could model for my camera my clothes while straightening my house mess.
Afterward, I could describe the piece and list it as part of my extensive clothing collection.

One of seven sisters, she's in the middle and raised in the desert outside Oracle with religious parents. None of that kept Micheale from being wild.
Ans she had no trouble lighting my fire.

in the rain wash of the Rillito river that closed the Tanque Verde loop to all but somersaults.

She was, at times, dangerous in her drunken tomboy ways, like doing cartwheels for my camera and the HOME ASSOCIATION!

but when she was good ...she was very good

my new home security

Micheale, cooking me breakfast, in my thriftstore buys.

Micheale going out the door

once I went to do something and was horrified to see her defiantly hanging from my garage door frame. That reminded me too much of a wild Jessica Freebird, lounging ten feet off the ground, covered in self inflicted
magic marker Obama slogans in 1988. BUT thus was 2017!

Micheale endangers my garage door frame.

I'm recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Micheale started preparing healthy lunches
for us, eaten in my backyard.

presently on am on my way to the Kaw river to look for buffalo bones and ...last nite
I had the waitress at City Limits restaurant in Colby take this photo of me.

I've been putting alot of my photos on instagram under my site (kroll.eric) and the shot below ("Felice walks her Portland dogs" 1998), they censored. Oh well. We live and create in scrubbed times.

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