Thursday, October 19, 2017

"You post any of these photos and I'll Contact the Authorities"

when I was younger and someone threatened me I'd tear them to pieces but I am older and I will forget her as easy as bad weather. I shot a woman today with her bad tattoos and cut marks and what turned out to be her inexperience. She signed my model release and gave me her id and minutes after leaving to go dance at the Reef she called in tears saying she never should have given me her social security number. I assured her no one would see it but it was the only way to publish the photos I had taken. I had done some shots of her masturbatiing with a thorn on a gaggle of Samsonite colored luggage in my living room. (I try and bring nature into my erotica ...and humor). She called saying her dad would kick her out of his house if he saw the shots. (She's supposedly a mature adult at 23 years old) I explained she should have thought of that before posing. I called her back and told her I wouldnt endanger her living conditions and wouldnt publish the shots. Then I sent her a shot of her nude from the back carrying the Betty Page original photo I had given her as payment for her time (Kroll swag), a shot of her fully clothed next to a vintage doll with red hair I had recently bought in Truth or Consequences, and a shot of her doing her make-up with Andy Warhol behind her and my face under her. She wrote me saying if I published these shots she'd go to the authorites.
Minutes ago she wrote me saying since I didnt give her a copy of the model release she signed, but didnt ask for, it was illegal. I'm not certain what planet she is from but her reasoning is simple and wrong.
But as I wrote is easier to forget her and I will until Puerto Rico freezes over or dirt turns to jade or salt turns to ginger.

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  1. This happened too many times and now those same females do x rated material.