Friday, November 17, 2017


I'm a dollar overdrawn so I can't take the proper time to tell what I know of Caprice except to write I met her through Melanie King and she's born in Memphis and lives in New Orleans and likes it when its HOT and, or on the road. spent 3 days in Berlin knowing no one i.e. spending the first nite riding the subway.  doesn't shop second hand...doesnt finish a meal.
Therefore we're not getting married but she's pure pleasure and excites my imagination and my camera.

morning light. morning cigarette

of course she wore the Prada well

that American life. Bisbee at the Shady Del

doing her morning exercises

Caprice played the part well of a bitchy teenage cheerleader. bad to the bone(r)

she was like a stanza in a New Yorker poem

left alone in the trailer she played were herself

we ate in

her skin color, heair allowed her to almost blend into the vintage background

every so often I like to taste tobacco ever since I quit smoking

topless in white shorts covered in freckles!

sucking her thumb for my camera, wearing a vintage French can can outfit, which I found in one of the Paris flea markets following driections from Catherine Deniueve many years ago

a tender moment in front of the Mansion at Shady Del

she (Caprice) sometimes acted ashamed of the tail she had been borne with

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The All Souls Procession on Grande Avenue

For me there are four events in Tucson- The fossil and gem show, the rodeo, the Yaqui ceremonies around Lent and the All Souls Procession.  The later happened Sunday, November 5th with a full harvest moon. I went with my new friends Kathy Spain

and Ed Musante. I wanted to be there during sunlite hours since my camera no longer can shoot under low lite. I've dropped it too many times. The few hours of light were grand on Grande avenue.
Ed and Kathy were upset that their neighborhood Neuroticos Anonimos meeting was closed.

the faces!

beauty on Grande avenue

with sealed lips

celebrating life

note her skull skirt

tourquoise on Grande


man and his dog

trapped inside their own front yard!

beauty from the side

elegance on Grande

stilts as high heels

a Sonora dog as friend

honoring the dead

beauty sitting down on Grande

a grin from ear to ear

beauty before the procession

a mom celebrates her son

hugs all around

a selfie on Grande

magnificence on Grande avenue

as it got dark I noticed a dj above the street

I dropped my friends at their house and went over to Steve Romaniello who with Karen Brennan was building an alter to friends who had passed away. Some I knew, some I didn't. Joanne Stuhr came over form the procession. Karen sang a song and we spoke about our departed friends.

Then Steve cooked us a delicious celebratory dinner of squash, cauliflower, beans and a piece of cheese.

Then I went home saddened and glad.