Thursday, December 28, 2017

A tickle video done along highway 101 north of SF

This woman saw an exhibition I had on Howard st in SF and asked how she could be in my work and I asked her and her boyfriend to come to this motel where I had rented a room. Gwen was there and so was Brandon. I felt empowered and told Gwen to take off this woman's sweat shirt and much to our combined bewilderment she was covered in self inflicted cuts. Determined to leave a "lasting impression" I suggested Gwen drip wax on her which she did. I then asked what she was into and she said "tickled" so I had her boyfriend blind fold her in the bathroom and bind her hands together and I tickled her and she tried to crush my balls with her boots. 
An interesting evening in 2002.

Apartment wrestling in the Majesic Hotel SF 2004

this was a homage to Mike Kelly before he died. Gwen had never fought but her opponent had. The vintage girdles came from my closet.

Gwen thong

Gwen and I were together on and off for eight years. She was always in front of my camera. when she decided to go back to college she said she'd be wearing only thongs. That inspired me. We shot this at a motel on higheay 101 near Mill Valley, CA 2002 (maybe)

at the Bear motel in Berkeley. two blondes in Dark Garden corsets

One of these beauties was or is a Suicide Girl.  I reember how the light changed outside the room as the sunset

Four girls shower together to save water

shot in my Bush street apartment in San Francisco in 2003. Photographer Aaron Hawks was there as was Laura's boyfriend.

Four Girls peeing. a found video from San Francisco circa 2003

I had a website called fetish with a fetish country club and people paid a membership. that worked for a New York minute then it went to shit. so I'm giving it away in the hopes that it will bring down the right wing Republicans in power.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Once again I am censored by f..cking Instagram

Kroll sleeps with mouth guard, eye mask and mittens while two beauties make love

same image with the ladies' sex organs removed and it still got shut down. DAMN!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I thought I had lost these images.

I was living in SF but visiting LA and was with someone at the diner on Sunset Strip near where Tower records was. I meet this couple and someone at the table mentioned I was a photographer and the woman acorss from me agreed or wanted me to shoot her and all I had was my car so I shot her in my car after midnite on Sunset blvd.

my ex wife, Lynka, said I could get any woman to take her clothes off BUT on Sunset strip after midnite!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

On the road with Caprice. from Tucson to LA to SF to Winnemucca to Santa Fe to the airport


I realize I was living a Leonard Cohen song when I was with Caprice

Caprice is the first woman in a long time that is unfiltered. No social "no's" which I hate. Trouble is she refuses to realize the forty years puts me down hours before she wants to stop. 
Two nights ago in the Richardson's dining room/ tv room I said I needed to close my eyes and did. I laid down before 10 year old Audrey went to bed and fell fast asleep till 4 am. 
In years past a I'd wear the woman/companion/model out and she'd excuse herself and go away. This time we ran the roadtrip through together. I took her to the tiny Santa Fe municipal airport and she flew to Dallas then to Atlanta then to Memphis and I went back to the Richardson's and slept another two hours. 

me and Caprice by Dave Naz 3 or so days into our road trip

Caprice biting her nail in a gas station on the res (around Chinle)

instagram removed this photo. F*ck!

Caprice "mounting" a side wall in rm #3 of Scott Shady Court motel. Winnemucca, Nevada

moving down the road with Caprice trying to relax. note I insisted she wear her seat belt

First time Caprice flew to Tucson, Melanie was supposed to come with her but that got squished by circumstances and the powers-to-be.

Caprice and Melanie by Caprice

I hope we realize that fantasy trip sometime. Highly sexed Caprice provided me with freckled beauty at a nonstop rate.

I used Dave Naz's camera to shoot these two shots of Caprice in my see thru raincoat. Ann Margaret with a touch of Fonda 

to follow Caprice on instagram @ariane_cassidy

But there have been other road trips and women that seemed to be from outer space but I will not soon forget this one.

Im sitting here writing my blogspot and playing my itunes of Charles Mingus and others and 10 yr old Audrey said the music I played was what one hears at insurance offices!

I got a remark on model mayhem about a photo I did in my backyard of Jordan Bunnii in 2015

This trip reminded me of travelling with Helena back in 2006 or earlier. I'd look over at her and THANK GOD

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


again below are images not fit for instagram (@kroll.eric)

when she was in my life I felt I was on the set of a foreign movie

east of Barstow

sleeping. closing my eyes seemed like a waste of time

Starwoman was there for my imagination

Helena in my mother's housebefore I Krollenized it

beautiful Ximena in Barstow

Ximena hides her eyesin America

Dusty Suicide bound by her nose piercing in a secret dungeon below Van Ness blvd. San Francisco

Mississippi Sarah in the same dungeon at a different time  in the early 2000s.

after being spanked

woman I met at the local post office with her boyfriend. Heavily pierced she is standing in front of Charles Gatewood's "The Perfect Gentleman", a portrait of Fakir Musafar, the father of modern primitivism.

Ironic since I just got done emailing and txting Annie Sprinkle after asking for Fakir's contact info. She snapped at me, bitter that I wanted money for the work we had done photographically together. She passed on my interest in seeing Fakir and his wife Cleo Dubois and he told her to tell me he was doing a big project and didnt want me to stop by...that he was bitter towards me also. strange since I dont remember doing anything commercial with Fakir or Cleo. Annie and I have the classic tension of feeling under appreciated both as photographer and model BUT Fakir! oh well. peace and love
to the many many years of working with Fakir and Annie!