Wednesday, December 6, 2017


again below are images not fit for instagram (@kroll.eric)

when she was in my life I felt I was on the set of a foreign movie

east of Barstow

sleeping. closing my eyes seemed like a waste of time

Starwoman was there for my imagination

Helena in my mother's housebefore I Krollenized it

beautiful Ximena in Barstow

Ximena hides her eyesin America

Dusty Suicide bound by her nose piercing in a secret dungeon below Van Ness blvd. San Francisco

Mississippi Sarah in the same dungeon at a different time  in the early 2000s.

after being spanked

woman I met at the local post office with her boyfriend. Heavily pierced she is standing in front of Charles Gatewood's "The Perfect Gentleman", a portrait of Fakir Musafar, the father of modern primitivism.

Ironic since I just got done emailing and txting Annie Sprinkle after asking for Fakir's contact info. She snapped at me, bitter that I wanted money for the work we had done photographically together. She passed on my interest in seeing Fakir and his wife Cleo Dubois and he told her to tell me he was doing a big project and didnt want me to stop by...that he was bitter towards me also. strange since I dont remember doing anything commercial with Fakir or Cleo. Annie and I have the classic tension of feeling under appreciated both as photographer and model BUT Fakir! oh well. peace and love
to the many many years of working with Fakir and Annie!

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