Sunday, December 17, 2017

On the road with Caprice. from Tucson to LA to SF to Winnemucca to Santa Fe to the airport


I realize I was living a Leonard Cohen song when I was with Caprice

Caprice is the first woman in a long time that is unfiltered. No social "no's" which I hate. Trouble is she refuses to realize the forty years puts me down hours before she wants to stop. 
Two nights ago in the Richardson's dining room/ tv room I said I needed to close my eyes and did. I laid down before 10 year old Audrey went to bed and fell fast asleep till 4 am. 
In years past a I'd wear the woman/companion/model out and she'd excuse herself and go away. This time we ran the roadtrip through together. I took her to the tiny Santa Fe municipal airport and she flew to Dallas then to Atlanta then to Memphis and I went back to the Richardson's and slept another two hours. 

me and Caprice by Dave Naz 3 or so days into our road trip

Caprice biting her nail in a gas station on the res (around Chinle)

instagram removed this photo. F*ck!

Caprice "mounting" a side wall in rm #3 of Scott Shady Court motel. Winnemucca, Nevada

moving down the road with Caprice trying to relax. note I insisted she wear her seat belt

First time Caprice flew to Tucson, Melanie was supposed to come with her but that got squished by circumstances and the powers-to-be.

Caprice and Melanie by Caprice

I hope we realize that fantasy trip sometime. Highly sexed Caprice provided me with freckled beauty at a nonstop rate.

I used Dave Naz's camera to shoot these two shots of Caprice in my see thru raincoat. Ann Margaret with a touch of Fonda 

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But there have been other road trips and women that seemed to be from outer space but I will not soon forget this one.

Im sitting here writing my blogspot and playing my itunes of Charles Mingus and others and 10 yr old Audrey said the music I played was what one hears at insurance offices!

I got a remark on model mayhem about a photo I did in my backyard of Jordan Bunnii in 2015

This trip reminded me of travelling with Helena back in 2006 or earlier. I'd look over at her and THANK GOD

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