Monday, June 18, 2018

I Have A New Store

where one can buy cool Kroll images and kool vintage pin up material.

rare Madonna by Kroll

rare original Keith Haring portrait at the Fun Gallery

vintage transparency of pin up model Nina Leeds

vintage pin up of orgy

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Like It when the Past repeats itself

When Robert Chouraqui came to Tucson before I had moved there. The house was filled with beautiful women `playing for my camera and his.

Lystra passed out from being `play' choked.

fun fun fun

joy joy

the proper way to slice an avacato


got to go go

beauty just before Felice walked ou of my life

Monday, May 7, 2018

San Francisco and Los Angeles photos. art when I shot them. now I'm certain would be considered `dirty'

It was/is pure pleasure to photograph Helena now pregnant for the second time

girdle `play' at the Pickwick hotel

`steerage' in my house. Lystra naked in the bathroom and The Isabella Sinclair in my bedroom

I wish I could say this was my cock but I can't. `playng' dress up in Oakland

my acorn always got the girl

Susan at the Chateau Monmarte where Helmut Newton lived and died

peeing while drinking

sad thing is I dont remember this woman at all. LA

me in a fancy suite masturbating a friend

Anna Noelle and Susan S. in NYC 1in 1988

Keyona walking in my backyard

 version of dentate

I had the `bend over ' made for just such acrobatics

Monday, April 30, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

beautiful Lystra in my living room

I met Lystra when I first got to LA in 06. She was friends with photographers Steve Diet Goode and Dave Naz. She was submissive. We shot many times while I was living in LA and in my home in Tucson before I moved there permanently in 09. a jewel she is

she is NOT sleeping

Lystra seems to beenjoying herself. I am a firm believer in the "pocket rocket"

note the Buddha head and the Our Lady Of Guadulupe pillow

artistic license

Lystra sucks off a rubber phallus

times have changed. what I did in New York City in the eighties & nineties and what I did in SF in the lae 90s and up to 06 and in LA till 09 will never happen in this conservative uptight society we have generated today. sad

Thursday, April 12, 2018

One of the Finest Spanking I ever had the pleasure of witnessing and photographing

The look alike brunettes had had a hair pulling contest in Rachel's Flagstaff kitchen. It was decided that things wouldbe settled with one spanking the other then a switch, Pure pleasure. summer of 2003


after a time they switched

after a time they rested

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Miro and Brandon from Peter's Marin apartment

Miro must have contacted me. Later I saw excellent shots of her by my friend Richard Kern. Somtheing involving a used condom.
Peter who started lent me his apartmetn and I invited Brandon and Miro to `play'.
I covered Peter's bed (but not well enough) with an extra sheet and gave her a can of whipped cream to spray over Brandon's naked body. What none of us realized was how cold the cream was. Brandon began to shiver which added to the visual.
As one can clearly see Brandon got excited and humped her leg well. After he ran to take a hot shower and after a bit Miro asked me for a condom and disappeared into Brandon's shower.

Some guys have all the fun!

Miro's `distance' was very sexy

she slammed her foot aggressively into his eager mouth

Brandon is covered in whipped cream and his body is shaking from how cold it made him.

The shower pay-off came next

Monday, March 19, 2018

2nd set of 6 polaroids by me

6 one of a kind polaroid signed on the back. $600 each unless buying more than one. price drops to $400 each.
2 1/4" image on a 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" polaroid

I'll pay the insured postage. pay through paypal (

Amy in straight jacket. circa 1991. met through photographer Richard Kern. shoot appeared in Fetish Girls. $600. 

Erin in ballet boots. circa 1992 . session appeared in Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade (TASCHEN 1997)

me being ridden at the El Drisco hotel. circa 1995. met this beauty through Fakir Musafar. session appeared in various Kroll publications

Michelle in chastity belt while bound. circa 1992 . session appeared in Fetish Girls (TASCHEN 1994)

Paul Farrens and other pony `play' players in my SF Pacific avenue studio. circa 1995. I first met Paul in Washington D.C. years earlier. This was on assignment for Dian Hanson when she was at Leg Show magazine

Susan Mc. I worked a great deal with this model and photographer during my fetish years in NYC. session in either Fetish Girls or my Beauty Parade or in both books perhaps. circa 1992