Monday, March 19, 2018

2nd set of 6 polaroids by me

6 one of a kind polaroid signed on the back. $600 each unless buying more than one. price drops to $400 each.
2 1/4" image on a 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" polaroid

I'll pay the insured postage. pay through paypal (

Amy in straight jacket. circa 1991. met through photographer Richard Kern. shoot appeared in Fetish Girls. $600. 

Erin in ballet boots. circa 1992 . session appeared in Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade (TASCHEN 1997)

me being ridden at the El Drisco hotel. circa 1995. met this beauty through Fakir Musafar. session appeared in various Kroll publications

Michelle in chastity belt while bound. circa 1992 . session appeared in Fetish Girls (TASCHEN 1994)

Paul Farrens and other pony `play' players in my SF Pacific avenue studio. circa 1995. I first met Paul in Washington D.C. years earlier. This was on assignment for Dian Hanson when she was at Leg Show magazine

Susan Mc. I worked a great deal with this model and photographer during my fetish years in NYC. session in either Fetish Girls or my Beauty Parade or in both books perhaps. circa 1992

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