Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Miro and Brandon from Peter's Marin apartment

Miro must have contacted me. Later I saw excellent shots of her by my friend Richard Kern. Somtheing involving a used condom.
Peter who started lent me his apartmetn and I invited Brandon and Miro to `play'.
I covered Peter's bed (but not well enough) with an extra sheet and gave her a can of whipped cream to spray over Brandon's naked body. What none of us realized was how cold the cream was. Brandon began to shiver which added to the visual.
As one can clearly see Brandon got excited and humped her leg well. After he ran to take a hot shower and after a bit Miro asked me for a condom and disappeared into Brandon's shower.

Some guys have all the fun!

Miro's `distance' was very sexy

she slammed her foot aggressively into his eager mouth

Brandon is covered in whipped cream and his body is shaking from how cold it made him.

The shower pay-off came next

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