Friday, April 20, 2018

beautiful Lystra in my living room

I met Lystra when I first got to LA in 06. She was friends with photographers Steve Diet Goode and Dave Naz. She was submissive. We shot many times while I was living in LA and in my home in Tucson before I moved there permanently in 09. a jewel she is

she is NOT sleeping

Lystra seems to beenjoying herself. I am a firm believer in the "pocket rocket"

note the Buddha head and the Our Lady Of Guadulupe pillow

artistic license

Lystra sucks off a rubber phallus

times have changed. what I did in New York City in the eighties & nineties and what I did in SF in the lae 90s and up to 06 and in LA till 09 will never happen in this conservative uptight society we have generated today. sad

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