Monday, May 7, 2018

San Francisco and Los Angeles photos. art when I shot them. now I'm certain would be considered `dirty'

It was/is pure pleasure to photograph Helena now pregnant for the second time

girdle `play' at the Pickwick hotel

`steerage' in my house. Lystra naked in the bathroom and The Isabella Sinclair in my bedroom

I wish I could say this was my cock but I can't. `playng' dress up in Oakland

my acorn always got the girl

Susan at the Chateau Monmarte where Helmut Newton lived and died

peeing while drinking

sad thing is I dont remember this woman at all. LA

me in a fancy suite masturbating a friend

Anna Noelle and Susan S. in NYC 1in 1988

Keyona walking in my backyard

 version of dentate

I had the `bend over ' made for just such acrobatics