Saturday, September 8, 2018

a selection of shes now and before

Amy Prim artist stripper I met when I first moved to work for TASCHEN in LA. Jumbos Clown Room. I had been shooting SF women and before that New York women.
LA was different.

Amy was a lesson in art history. the way she did her make up etc. I hear from facebook shes in Florida. cool I wish her well. I remember a party she threw at her home also in my neighborhood, She told me to be careful walking home. I felt it at 4 am. I made it.

Pauli getting dressed.

nothing moe to say

part of the credit goes to American Apparel and its clear skater skirt but most goes to Pauli

it took us over thirty minutes to figure how she should wear these Wofford `Stay Ups'.

Helena laughing along Interstate 5

Helena without facade in judpurs along the interstate

Helena teases while bound in a rubber straight jacket

while Melanie enjoys the light when we visited Clif who was house sitting after his divorce

Katy adding make up to her already striking good looks

Maria from SF. the perfect fetish model. right out of a John Willie illustration or LA bondage photo

Maria being punished in ways she seemed to enjoy

she came to me with her to-be husband to buy some vintage foundation garments. I saw immediately her throw back qualities and I arrange a shoot. at first with her boyfriend then alone all over the city of SF.
They got married and moved east and have a child or children. One night in lower Manhattan only a few years ago I was with Lydia Lunch at a reading she was doing for a new Jonathan Shaw book and she told me she was playing with Maria's husband in Brooklyn that night.
I wanted to go but I was with Leah and Leah didn't want to go.

Ashley Blue when we were both in LA. There is no one I know closely with more talent and innate brilliance. Its always a struggle but what comes out of her is thrilling.

I ran the following caption with a print of this: Ashley feeds my mind

look at that smile. No one Id rather look up to.