Friday, May 17, 2019

Ximenia in Madrid in 05 or 06

I met Ximenia through a photographer in the bdsm scene. Ximenia was not. My friend Benedikt Taschen put me up in a hotel that used to be a royal whore house. I loved it. Once Ximenia and I became close she brought in beautiful girlfriends for me to shoot and my Spanish friend Javier de Pison, former Wild Seduction gallery owner, was also visiting Madrid from Miami.
We partied.

I wasnt used to fondling such big beautiful boobs. I got the hang of it quickly.

doesnt she look alot like Annie Sprinkle

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Amy and Scarlett in Atwater Village in April

Scarlett adjusts Amy's tit acumentation

Scarlette golden girl

Amy's chest

a good example of what became of my career as a glamour photographer. She dont need me anymore

I stare while Amy does her eyes

Amy works with her legs apart

its heavenly when two people can work together

when I first saw Scarlette years ago under a street lamp I told her she looked like a guy.
I've been wrong b4

with all the support one would need

Amy leans forward into the infamous (doesnt she resemble Virginia Bell!)

turns out Amy has some classical training (please see short vid on myinstigram kroll.eric

Amy and Scarlett with tit compressors bought at CVS

butt support

maybe Ill get very lucky and see these two beauties again when I return to LA in a couple of daze

Sunday, April 28, 2019

circa 2006 and circa 2011

some images from off Mulholland drive taken before I moved to LA but was living in SF

enjoying a mid century modern chair

she tries to relax

her delicious mischevious knowing smile

my former assistant

surrounded by a Weegee of Marilyn Monroe and a Yeager of Betty Page

my sweet backyard


Sunday, January 13, 2019

I think good clean erotica was killed this week or was it last week

the new morality combined with easy access to the internet has caused me to STOP making erotica. I still have what I did in the past and I will show it here and other places in the world but that work couldnt be made today.
"I thought you were shooting for your own private use". If I hear that one more time, as I have recently, Im going to PUKE.
I loved the challenge of making interesting sexual images. That cant be explored anymore.
I've been kicked out of whole foods, and numerous local coffee shops because what I do is NOW considered PORN.