Sunday, January 13, 2019

I think good clean erotica was killed this week or was it last week

the new morality combined with easy access to the internet has caused me to STOP making erotica. I still have what I did in the past and I will show it here and other places in the world but that work couldnt be made today.
"I thought you were shooting for your own private use". If I hear that one more time, as I have recently, Im going to PUKE.
I loved the challenge of making interesting sexual images. That cant be explored anymore.
I've been kicked out of whole foods, and numerous local coffee shops because what I do is NOW considered PORN.


  1. I can understand your frustration here, but I wouldn't give up on doing what you love because people are slapping labels on your work. Many great artists have had to face disapproval and turmoil because of the type of work they put out. Just think of where we would be if they all threw in the towel because of this. I for one would be upset if you were to actually cease creating. Don't let them win.

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  3. Maybe the new morality and reaction against what you do means you should do it more and harder. I never had a sense of you seeking the approval of others, did your subjects not know you published books and hung pictures in galleries? It does suck when you can't buy a coffee in your favourite cafe though.

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